Avalonia Festival VI Award Winners of “short films etc” early announcements; much more to come!


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THESE ARE ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT OF OUR WINNING FILMS; MORE TO COME! Most of our Awards will be announced on October 25, 2021! Our Avalonia Festival VI Live Event is November 6, 2021 at LionShare CoWork Harbour Village at 13475 Atlantic Blvd Suite 8,in Jacksonville, Florida, USA from 2pm EDT to 5pm EDT; a free event for filmmakers, their friends, family and the general public! Watch this short video to see our Avalonia Festival VI Live Venue!

HERE IS OUR LIST OF AVALONIA FESTIVAL VI AWARD WINNERS! Many categories had several Award worthy films and it must be noted that the final decisions of Judge Kazuya Ashizawa and Avalonia Festival creator MIke Messier of were very tough to make! Please remember, that ART IS SUBJECTIVE. We encourage all filmmakers, whether they won an Award from us this year or not, to continue to make great work and to continue to create their own magnificent path in the arts!

Now, here is our list of Avalonia Festival VI Award Winners across our various competitive categories in our three run time divisions:

SHORT = 21 Minutes & Under, 180 = 3 minutes & Under, 1 Minute Movie = 1 Minute & under

Best Family – Children’s 1 Minute Movie / AND NOW? / Directed by Christian Hernández Sánchez / Mexico

Best Comedy Short/ My Friends The Plants / Directed by Christine Celozzi / USA

(TIE) Best Dramatic Short / Beautiful Violence/ Directed by Joey Medina / USA

(TIE) Best Dramatic Short/ FAUNA / Directed by Davide Fiore / USA

Best Covid-19 / Dealing with the Pandemic SURVIVAL AWARD 1 Minute Movie / Strange Christmas / Directed by Sergio Catá Riobóo / Spain

Iranian Film of the Year / Blur / Directed by Elham Asghari , Submitted by Soheil Afsari / Iran

Best One Actor Movie Short/ A Soldier’s Burden / Directed by Gimbals Moonier / USA

Best Animation Short / Six Episodes from Two Superheroes, a Villain, and a Baby / Directed by Randy Schmidt / Japan

Best Dramatic 1 Minute Movie / Food Apnea / Directed by Alex Nabors / USA

Best North American Fantasy Short / The Substitute -/ Directed by Malibu Taetz / Canada

Best Performance Art 1 Minute Movie/ Divine/ Directed by Charlie Luccini / France

Best International Film Poster/ Legacy of Giants / Tiago Mesquita / Belgium

Best One Actress 1 Minute Movie / Bath / Directed by Eugenia Kamozinova/ United Kingdom

Best One Actress 1 Minute Monologue / I Know Men / Directed by Alejandra Arce / Bolivia, Plurinational State of

Best Horror 180 / ONE/ Directed by Davide Nesti / Italy

Covid-19 / Dealing with the Pandemic Short Film SURVIVAL AWARD / There’s No Hell Like Home / Directed by Russell Southam / Australia (Our Most Competitve Category this year, special thanks to all that entered the many great entries!)

Best 1 Minute Advertisement, Promotional, Industrial or Training Video / 13 / Directed by Lamara Sogomonian Submitted by Juliia Boriaeva / Russian Federation

Best Advertisement, Promotional , Industrial or Training Video Short / Spec Commercial – Tide Stick / Directed by Ekaterina

Best Mobile 1 Minute Movie / Pioneer / Directed by Amélina LIMOUSIN / Germany

Best International Horror Short / SCRIPT / Directed by Piero Cannata / Italy

Best North American Horror Short/ TOCK / Directed by Diana N. Blecher / USA

Best ThoughtCrime Short / In Memoriam / Directed by Dimitrios Karas / Greece

Best Dramatic 180/ No Balls/ Directed by Carlos Gonzalez, Ariel Rios, & Angel Pons/ USA

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Best Florida 180/ We Will Get Through This/ Directed by Alana Phillips and Johnny Joey Jones / USA

Best Documentary 180 / Grand ArtExam / Directed by Songqiao ZHAO ;Wu Tong , Submitted by
Jing Zhai / Hong Kong

Best Dark Comedy Short / Tread / Directed by Devorah Crable / USA

Best Family/Children’s Film 180 / The World’s Greatest Home / Directed by Zubair Pradhan / Canada

Best Animation 180 / 2030 / Directed by Angela N Hernandez-Carlson / USA

Best International Fantasy Short / ANGST / Directed by Béla Baptiste / Austria

Best Science-Fiction Short/ The Hunger /Directed by Stan Freeman/ USA

Best Canine 1 Minute Movie/ Conspiracy Canines / Directed by Ian Johnston / Canada

Best Documentary 1 Minute Movie/ One Minute – One Story: To Bee, or Not to Be / Directed by B. R. Tatalovic / USA

Best Music Video or Musical 180/ Bananas! / Directed by Jessica DeShong / USA

Best Science-Fiction 1 Minute Movie/ Find You/Directed by Drex Lee/USA

Best North American Film Poster/ The Rebirth / Rayon Gilpin (photographer)/ USA

Best Romance or Romantic Comedy 180/ 21/ Directed by Jeremy Weinstein & Damian Gonzalez/USA

Best Jacksonville Short Film/ Scarlett Mary/ Directed by Royce Freeman/ USA

Best Mobile Short/ Losses, Life in a Pandemic / Directed by Ana P Braunstein & Trevor B. Nagle / USA

Best Talk/Interview/Variety Show / The #SAVAGECHATSERIES/ Directed by Blair Dottin-Haley & Brandon Dottin-Haley/ USA

Best Performance Art Short/ iD:F / Directed by 曹玉杰 and Submitted by Yujie Cao / China

Best Florida 1 Minute Movie/ The Accomplice / Directed by Christopher Boulton / USA

Best One Actor Movie 180 / Absolute Soup / Directed by Radomir Jordanovic / USA

Best One Actress Monologue 180 / Sleep – A Monolouge / Directed by Emilia Copeland / UK

Best Director / Cinematographer / Editor Reel / CUORE DI FENICE / Directed by Tania Caporaso / Italy

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ORIGINS STORY: Avalonia Festival was created parallel to the writing of A DISTANCE FROM AVALON: When the Dying and Dead Reunite by Mike Messier which is now available on paperback and kindle through Amazon at the link here:

Mike recently produced Seduction of Distance, a monologue extracted from dialogue from his novel.