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Avalonia Festival is named in honor of a continent lost is the mists of time, as if dissipated by magic; thus we are here to celebrate the unique Art of our own world of creation. We started as a “Short Films Etc” festival in 2017 at Rhodywood Studios in Providence, Rhode Island, USA (venue for Avalonia Film Fest I & Film Fest II) and have had our subsequent live events at Courthouse Center for the Arts in West Kingston, RI (Film Fest III), All Beaches Experimental Theater in Neptune Beach, Florida, USA (Film Fest IV) . Frame of Mind Art Gallery in Ormond Beach, Florida is the host venue for Avalonia Festival Film Fest V Live Event.

Beyond our annual “Short Films etc” Avalonia Festival, we have grown to add Avalonia 7 Theater Festival ( Interested theater Directors, stage managers, interns and Actors who would like to participate are encouraged to email avaloniafestival@yahoo.com ) and Avalonia Photography Competition.

How did our Festival Creator come to the point in life where Avalonia was so important? Discover our fantasizing origins by watching this 10 Award Winning, 40 minute film “Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary” about the vary nature of independent filmmaking here and the passion that lead to Distance from Avalon (novella, stage play, and feature film script) and Avalonia Festival right here, for free:

We have a very active “AVALONIA FESTIVAL” YouTube playlist you can find here on our creator’s YouTube Channel (PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSx8RE_a4Nh_Fq-BpUq7ghw?sub_confirmation=1

“I am really glad that I entered Avalonia Film Festival and can see why it’s a Top 100. The options and categories for talents and genres are limitless in creativity and the festival picks excellent selections. Mike and the whole team want the filmmakers to succeed and they are great communicators and people overall. I really felt inspired by Avalonia and supported. Any good, honest hardworking filmmaker deserves to feel that. Thank you!” -Andrew Grossberg, NEW YORK CITY

What makes Avalonia Festival unique? As an International Festival, we have had a STRONG online web presence since our inception; sharing many of the actual Avalonia Award winning films, trailers, posters, web-series, monologues, photographs online (with permission of each projects creators, of course). Unlike some of even the best and most well known film festivals in the world with “less than spectacular websites”, we have had a strong, filmmaker friendly website since day one. We invite you to compare and contrast our website to ANY film festival you’ve heard of (Sundance, Tribecca, whatever) and you can decide for yourself which film festival website best HONORS, CELEBRATES and PROMOTES the Winning filmmakers.

As a filmmaker himself, our festival creator Mike Messier wanted to make a Film Festival that would be fair to filmmakers.

“What is missing from the film festivals I myself have been entering and what would a film festival look like that actually did the work to Honor, Celebrate and Promote the Award Winning creators who work so hard on their projects?”, Mike asked himself. That question – and the answers that have come from it – are at the CORE of our Avalonia Festival journey.

What People Say

“Wonderful festival. Met many great industry professionals who shared the same passion.”

  • Shihyun Wang, LA, CA

“This is where your talent is truly recognized, nurtured and inspired.”


“Host was friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable… a pleasant experience in both viewing and speaking about the films being shown.”

  • Jeremiah Rosario, ORLANDO, FLORIDA