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Remembering Avalonia Festival IV, our first Live Event in the state of Florida!

We had some nice press coverage of Avalonia Festival IV on December 8, 2019, from Joe Y. Mora and JAX FILM interview show. Here is some highlights from Avalonia Festival IV!



THANKS TO ALL of our submitting filmmakers for making this the most competitive Avalonia Festival so far! P.S. If you notice any incorrect info or typos on this page, please let us know ASAP at avaloniafestival@yahoo.com ! Thanks!

Our Best Comedy 180 (3 minutes or under) goes to Kevin’s Thermodynamics Lesson , a “bangin'” life lesson by our friends Radomir and Kevin at Custom Made Name.

Our special Avalonia Inspirational Award for Grace Redeems by Grace Lewis, friends and family. This is a timely topic about bullying and self-esteem issues affecting kid’s lives. Thanks Grace for this educational and entertaining short film. Grace attended Avalonia Festival IV Live Event and gave some insightful and encouraging words!



Also working with a fine cast of young Actors, Mike Goodreau, Cast & Crew from New England win a Nostalgia Award for a collection of film submissions including a running series of pop culture commentaries. We look forward to more films from this emerging team!

We have a few new film awards to ad from our International entries. Saber Mostafapour has won an Avalonia International Integrity in Film Award for his poignant Dogs & Wolfs.

Omid Seifi  has won an Avalonia International Humanity and Peace Award for his touching I am a Tree, which tells the story of the struggle of a young boy among his peers.

 Scott Cierski of Seattle is our Best Animation Short for his fun – and, in some ways, inspiring Six Day Back, which is guaranteed to “pump… you up!”

This is the teaser/trailer for Anthony Bradley’s Signal, winner of our Best Sci-Fi Short Award, one of several great entries of this popular genre. May the Force be with you and Live Long etc!

Here is our Best Mobile Short Film Award WinnerThe Breath of Celia – by Miguel Angel Barroso of Spain. Enjoy this seductive and sexy masterpiece right here, mature content, be advised!

Interloper by Lawrence Hennigan wins a Coming Attraction Award for his preview of this time traveling love story.

In a rare Avalonia Festival tie, we have two Winners for Best Canine Short Film (21 minutes or less). The first is Lab Dog by Noemi & Justin Durivou, for their heart-felt story of “man’s best friend”. Here is the teaser.

Keith Travers‘ film Old Dogs New Digs (A True Love Story) shares the Best Canine Short Film Award with this salt-of-the-earth story of people and canine’s helping each other.

From our Documentary film category entries, we are giving a special Avalonia Cinematography Award to Expedition to the Planet Chad submitted by the Andreiev family of filmmakers. We find their visual journey of their African adventure stimulating! Bringing people together through cinema is what Avalonia Festival is all about!

Our Best Documentary Short, among a very powerful field, goes to Flint, Michigan: in their own words , submitted by Writer/Director James Dalrymple on behalf of himself and Producer Debra Bonner . Many of us are familiar with the ground-breaking Michael Moore 1989 film Roger and Me about the same town, so it is very frustrating to see that things for the good people of Flint have seemingly not improved very much if at all. If these things can happen to the people of Flint, they can happen to any of us. Thanks to James and Debra for this humbling “sad but true” cinematic update.

To get you in the mood, Curtain Call is our Best Dramatic 180 film. “180” for all Award Winning films is for films 3 minutes or less in run-time (180 is the amount of total seconds in three minutes, by our math.) The Australian filmmaker, Montanna Macdonald, says her “dramatic short film explores the conceptual life of the theatre and its poignant memories of a bygone era; a forgotten shared experience due to technological influence.”

We are introducing a special Avalonia Bruce Springsteen Blind Faith Award named for a quote from Springsteen before a live performance in 1985 of the song WAR.

The winner of this special award is Flag Country by Outlier Moving Pictures. From the description by filmmakers Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran. “Here is the teaser of our new poetry film, which provides a taste of what our film is like. Based on Dave Bonta’s haibun poem, “Flag Country” tells a story about an unplanned stop during a road trip, arrested to see an enormous flag at a car lot in Orbisonia, PA. Our mesmerizing views of the flag furling and unfurling in the wind echoes the hypnotic state described in the poem, accompanied by a soundscape that conducts a whirlwind tour of American aspirations and moments of civil dissent, revealing the challenging gaps that continue to exist between our ideals and our actual achievements.”

Joe Mora and associates have won Talk / Interview/ Variety Show – Web-Series or TV for Jax Film Update. Here is a recent episode covering local film releases of “Wraith” “Teardrop Goodbye” & “Cliché”.

PLS&TY – Run Wild / Feeling Forever (Part I & II) submitted by Tom Leas is our winner for Best Music Video/Musical Short (21 minutes or less). This is a dynamic and exciting piece of art!

It’s A B$tch Birthday by Directors Felicia Rivers and J Paul The Demi God is our Avalonia Best Horror Short Award Winner. Blow out your candles with caution, everybody! Mature content!

Deb Ethier wins Best Comedy Web-Series for her fantastic 22 Bones. Let’s check out the episode she submitted that won her the Award.

Rick Hayes has won a special Patriot’s Award for his musical tribute The Cost of Freedom , guaranteed to stir your senses.


Cat Sick Blues Sick Blues by Orlando, Florida’s Jeremiah Rosario is our fun and free-wheeling Best Feline Short. Here is the teaser of Jeremiah’s film.

In a hugely competitive Florida film category, we found ourselves dividing the field into Narrative and Documentary sub-divisions. We want to thank all the Florida filmmakers who submitted (and made this decision so tough for us), what a great array of diverse talents from the Sunshine State! Dolphin Girl , submitted by Writer/Director Tanya Carleton Lovrics , is our winner for Best Florida Narrative Short Film with a special honor going to Jamie Ashbourne as Liam and Carly Barnes as Dolphin Girl for Avalonia Festival Best Youth Acting.

The Return of the Panther, submitted by Tim Tetzlaff and directed by Oscar Corral, is the winner of our Florida Best Documentary Short Award, for their fascinating journey into the world of these mega-cats. They walk among us, indeed.

The Tease, described by Avalonia Festival founder Mike Messier as a “demonstration of temptation”, co-written by the film’s Director Pedro Cohen and Producer Maria Fernanda Parra , is our Best Florida 180 .

Our new home venue city of Jacksonville, Florida also came through with several great entries in our “JAX” film categories. Director Joe Mora lead a great team to achieving a very unique presentation of troubling and serious subject matter in Regeneration, as illustrated by these screenshots from our Avalonia Jax Best Short Film Winner.

From our Florida category submissions, we also have a first time ever Avalonia Award for Best Avalonia Antagonist coming from their filmed-in-Florida film In the Arms of Madness, submitted by Producer Raymond Davenport on behalf of a stellar team of cast and crew lead by Writer/Director Talina Adamo.

Working with a great cast, including Gabrielle Paris as the lead Rachel Paris, Eli Jeffree Zen as “Gabe” takes this special Acting award for Best Avalonia Antagonist as the “nice guy who becomes obsessive” and…. well, we won’t give it away from there.

If you’d like to watch In the Arms of Madness, the filmmakers have nicely provided their vimeo link to the film right here. Viewer discretion is advised for mature themes.

We Have Your Wife is our winner for Best Comedic Short. Please take note, this, is in fact, a comedy, not a documentary! All tweets and emails please go to filmmaker Jim Ford! Congrats, Jim! “Take my wife… please”, indeed!

Hatch by David Axe (a great name for a Horror filmmaker!) is our winner for Best Horror 1 Minute Movie. We love the fast editing of this piece. Congrats David and associates! Viewer discretion is advised!

Enter password: hatch


Wayne the Confused Zombie is our Best Animation 1 Minute Movie as represented by the film’s poster from filmmaker Brian Burroughs.

 In another highly competitive category which offered us many possible winners, our best Fantasy Short Film (21 minutes or less) goes to Best fairy for Cinderella submitted by filmmaker Александр Баскаков on behalf of himself and Moscow Film School.

John Gray and his cast and crew have won a special Best New England Short for their Extra Innings, a touching father and son Red Sox story with a twist.

 Speaking of New England, our choice for Best Animation 180 goes to Welcome to War-Whack! Pilot Episode by Rhode Island native Connor Morley. This choice gives us time to reflect on a bit with “award analysis” (for those curious on such matters). Certainly, the animation in this piece may not be as stylistic or “mature” as some of our other great entries, which ranged in all types of approaches to animation from several talented artists. However, the raw and blunt humor of this story appealed to our judges, so the piece “stood out” a bit from the crowd. Art is a subjective matter, indeed!

 Our Best Performance Art Short Film Award goes to the dynamic Detroit filmmaker Rosemarie Wilson and her poetic vision One Single Rose // P.H.A.T. GIRL.

Our Best Documentary 1 Minute Movie goes to the powerful and poignant Sunshine in the Shadows by Porfirio Fernando Castillo.

Congrats to Donnie Stjohn for his Coming Attraction Award for himself and cohorts in Arthur Wahlberg’s Crew a reality/comedy of three Actor friends in their 50s still grinding to make it in show biz.

Enter password: AWC10


Among our many Best Dramatic Short entries, we have given recognition of a unique Best Sequel Award to filmmaker Abigail Friend for her new film More Apples for Bullies. Let’s take a look at the original Apples for Bullies, followed by the sequel, as we can see how Abigail has grown as a filmmaker , Actress, and story-teller.

Our Best Mobile 1 Minute Movie Award Winner is Elefante Branco by the very artistic and accomplished André Almeida Rodrigues. Andre says, “In this documentary I am interested in telling the story of Raf Park, which was an unique amusement park in Portugal. And very few people know it since it was open for around 4 months only.”

Avalonia Festival I Award Winner Christopher Annino returns to claim the first-ever Professional Wrestling 180 Nelson Frazier Jr. Award named after the Wrestling star who performed as Mabel, Big Daddy V and Viscera. Chris is exploring the history, triumphs and struggles of Women’s Pro Wrestling with Circle of Champions -The real History of Women’s Pro Wrestling.

Lost and Found, submitted by filmmaker Dezmyre Volmeus, also wins a Coming Attraction Award for her intriguing new piece.

Enter password: 2019

Our Best One Actress 1 Minute Movie is the stunning The Epitomy of Peace starring Carmen Campa written and directed by Lucas Campa with makeup and hair-styling by Melina Herzkovich. Mild viewer discretion advised.

ian johnston is our winner for Best Feline 1 Minute Movie as a kitten watches a film of the kitten watching a film of the kitten watching a film. Indeed, KITTEN VS. BALL is a short of mind-bending cuteness. Very meta, ian!

The talented Gabor Gaspar and Gabor’s team from Luxembourg have won Best Fantasy 180 (3 minutes or less) for their sexy fantasy piece The Daydreamer starring Ivy Bluesky. The film description reads “Dream yourself a dream come true. Whether it’s on the runway or your grotto, let Ivy be your fantasy guide. She works hard and dreams harder.”

Myselves by Elshan is our magnificent Winner for Best 1 Minute Fantasy Movie, wonderfully described as “Two sides of Inner selves, One with negative motivation and the other one with positive motivation trying to prove themselves to each other and both of them are in a controversy with No definite result.”

Alyssa Wiesen submitted our winning Best Film Poster on behalf of herself and fellow photographer Matthew Vasquez for her project MANIAC. Alyssa is a student director, writer, editor, and actress currently studying film at the University of Arizona and we are sure she has a big future ahead in the industry.

 Healthier Choices by Avalonia Alumni filmmaker Jeff Vande Zande is our One Actor or Actress Best Short Movie Award Winner for his unique “dual” role interpretation of the category that we really enjoy!

Enter password: choices

Cactus by Katie Trubetsky is our Best ThoughtCrime Short (21 minutes or less runtime). Katie Trubetsky an actress and director, was born in Moscow, Russia. Growing up, she saw her father and grandfather performing on stage (both known theater actors in Russia), and she knew that film and theater would be her passion for life. Katie has acted in numerous films and episodic shows, and she is now evolving to both telling stories and creating them as a director.

Enter password: hajindp123

Ryan Kaye is our Best ThoughtCrime 180 (3 minutes or less) Award Winner for his fun and thought-provoking The Last Doppelganger. Ryan says, ” A little short film I shot myself on an iPhone 7 with Filmic Pro and a Moondog lens for a class at LA Valley College. Give me a budget and a crew, let’s make some hits. rgkstudios@gmail.com ” We think Mr. Orwell would approve.

Producer Daniel J. Harris has secured a victory of Best Dark Comedy 1 Minute Movie Award Winner for the intriguing and well made film The Machine on behalf of himself, Director Leon Williams , Writer Jodie Kay Ashdown and lead Actor Shaun Llewelyn.

Mark Bellusci and associates won out in a highly competitive Best Dramatic 1 Minute Movie Award category for their timely We Should Probably Give a Sh*t. Mark states, “Oppression. Harassment. Second class status. Whatever, it’s all good for millennials. Unless the extremists cross the one line they care about. Here’s a quasi-parody, quasi-political, quasi-queasy comedy. “

Meet the Author submitted by producer Paul Taft, and starring Marty Smith and co-writer/Director Steve Blackwood, is our Best Romantic Comedy Short Film, from this talented group of New England All-Stars.

 Our Joe Jafo Carriere Hard Rockin’ Award category is named after a good friend of Avalonia Festival’s Mike Messier. Joe was a musician, Actor and great supporter of all those who came to know him.

had several great entries which lead to a few videos being honored. First, let’s start with our traditional Joe Jafo Carriere Hard Rockin’ Award for Big Rock Radio by the band Love Stallion submitted to us by Michael Stover.

Another music video in Joe’s category has won a double award for Best Rock Anthem & Best Guitar Solo. This is Get Up by Dividing Face from their EP Starting Over.

Mikel Arraiz is the Director of Kiss Me Malibu, a music video from the band Neon Palms. We are awarding this video an Avalonia Gothic Epic award as it seems a kindred spirit to our Distance from Avalon story, the inspiration of our festival.

This is Suburban Diary, one of Joe’s song’s from his band Jafo World.

Joe lives on through his music, his acting and the people that remember him fondly.

Here is one of Joe’s Acting clips from DJ Stan Da Man.

Matthew Vaughan leads a great team of young Actors for our Best Dark Comedy Short in Urban Scout.

Enter password: scout


  Dead Souls: Apocrypha Black (Teaser Trailer) by Korea Black wins a Coming Attraction Award for their very interesting adventure story. We look forward to more good things coming from Korea Black.


 Selin Tiryakioglu‘s Istanbul: Home Away from Home, a brief glimpse of the city of Istanbul through the eyes of a Turkish-American, is our choice for Best Documentary 180 in yet another category with several great films on a variety of important topics.

Nico Falcone Georgiadis‘s Whose Reality 2.0? is a stunningly powerful action drama that has won two Awards: Avalonia Festival IV Best International Short Film and Avalonia Festival IV Best Behind the Scenes/Bonus Footage for his photo essay on the project. Here is Nico’s film poster, trailer, and some of his photos.

Our Dramatic Short (21 minutes and under) category had nearly three times as many entries as many of other great categories and we really appreciate the hard hitting dramatic content of these works! Certainly, a diverse and exciting field to choose from! The future of cinema is strong as evidenced by our choice for Best Dramatic USA Short, the heart-wrenching and emotionally powerful After Emma, submitted by Director Gabrielle Stone, starring Amy Smart, Dee Wallace, and Taymour Ghazi as the principles in a trial over life and death, mistakes and outcomes.

Writer/Producer/Director Adam E. Stone lead a great crew and Actress Sarah Baer to victory for our Best One Actress Movie 180 Award in Do Not Forget the Lost. Here is the trailer.


 This Week in the NFL (represented by Season 2, Episode 1) is our winner of Best Web-Series Drama for this moody and unique perspective from Writer/Director/Producer Jordan William McKinney, who explains: “In the summer of 2019 I set out on an experiment to learn an atrocious amount about filmmaking in a short period of time without spending more than I had to. I bought a camcorder for $50 and used my friends as actors and I acted as the entire crew. This is the pilot episode to my web series This Week In the NFL, a lo-fi and emo series about a hardworking head writer for a tv show being tasked with taking care of the diva host of her show. “

An interplanetary warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate animal typically able to fly by Hanna Ojala is our Best Science Fiction One Minute Movie for its interpretive, experimental and overall fascinating display of energy.

Hanna wins a second Avalonia Award this season for Best Romance or Romantic Comedy 1 Minute Movie for her Love in 60 Seconds. Hanna is a poet and a self-made filmmaker as well as a dance movement therapist from Finland who has finally found her way of creative expression through dance and video poetry and is keenly learning more every day. She savors verbalizing actual events in an abstract way as well as describing the visceral effects of inner emotions – making invisible visible and visible indefinite.

Tim O’Hearn has transitioned nicely to a Director after fifteen years as an Actor. Tim’s The Door has earned him and his team Best Animalia Short Film which recognizes great films that feature animals (other than dogs and cats) as featured players. In The Door, the use of horses as central “co-stars” compliment the fine acting in this fantastical story, which may lead to a feature film version down the road.